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  1. Minqi's solutions to the exercises of Walter Rudin (1976), Principles of Mathematical Analysis (3rd Edition). full-text source
  2. Minqi's solutions to the exercises of Sheldon Axler (2014), Linear Algebra Done Right (3rd Edition). full-text source
  3. Minqi's solutions to the exercises and Problems of Michael Artin (2010), Algebra (2nd Edition). full-text source
  4. Recently published papers in WebVR & MobileVR. slides
  5. Experimenting with summations using OpenMP and CUDA. full-text source
  6. Image segmentation using K-means clustering. slides
  7. Image segmentation using mean shift. slides
  8. An optimization view of machine learning. slides
  9. Image-based modeling and rendering using light field. slides
  10. Recently published papers in SLAM for the NAO robot. full-text source slides
  11. Structure from Motion (SfM) via OpenMVG. slides
  12. Visualizing the internals of MobileNets. slides
  13. Moisan et al. 2004: A Probabilistic Criterion to Detect Rigid Point Matches Between Two Images and Estimate the Fundamental Matrix. slides
  14. A case study of two mobile computing technologies: MobileVR and MobileNets. full-text source