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  1. Gitlab, add support to cherry-pick any commit. source reviews
  2. Gitlab, use rugged to change HEAD. source reviews
  3. Gitlab, fix ActiveJob::DeserializationError thrown. source reviews
  4. Gitlab, eliminate ugly scroll bars shown in modal boxes. source reviews
  5. Gitlab, expire related caches after changing HEAD. source reviews
  6. Gitlab, mark Commit persisted. source reviews
  7. Libgit2, remove duplicated calls to git_mwindow_close. source reviews
  8. Libgit2, make packfile_unpack_compressed a private API. source reviews
  9. Enclose.IO: current cutting-edges and the future work. slides
  10. How could environment variables slow down your Ruby scripts for 10 times. slides video
  11. Introductions to Node.js internals. slides
  12. RailsConf 2016: How we scaled GitLab for a 30k-employee company. slides video
  13. Hidden stories behind a floating point deserialization error of Node.js. full-text
  14. Mmap with its applications in git and libgit2. slides
  15. Internals of Git Internals. slides