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  1. Recently Published Papers in WebVR & MobileVR. slides
  2. Experimenting with Summations using OpenMP and CUDA. PDF source
  3. Experimenting with Line Integral Convolution (LIC) using OpenMP. PDF source
  4. Image Segmentation using K-means Clustering. slides
  5. Image Segmentation using Mean Shift. slides
  6. An Optimization View of Machine Learning. slides
  7. Image-Based Modeling and Rendering using Light Field. slides
  8. Recently Published Papers in SLAM for the Nao Robot. slides full-text
  9. SLAM for Nao, Simultaneous Localization And Mapping for the Nao Robot. source
  10. Ant Design Pro, Use menuHeaderRender in ProLayout to render Link. source reviews
  11. Structure from Motion (SfM) via OpenMVG. slides